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We are an aggressive private Oil and Gas Developer based in Southern Alberta. We are continually improving and developing our lands while looking for new opportunities.

Our people play a key role in the success of the company. The determination from our management in planning and processes , our field personnel and optimizers who wear many hats and our office staff who are committed to ensure the entire operation as cost effective.

Our company is fundamentally different from when we first started in 2008, with 50 barrels of oil equivalent per day to 675 barrels of oil equivalent per day now . Our mission continues to be is the “Hands on Approach” enabling us to develop and produce resources at a substantially lower cost.

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Thank you for your interest in Success Resources Ltd.

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24 hr Emergency Ph #:403-362-3184
Email: success@successresources.ca

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Unit # 102, 428 – 2nd Street West,
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Development Opportunities
Oil & Gas Processing

Future Projects

We have purchased blocks of land with full mineral rights for future development. Initial geological and engineering reports have been completed and prove to be positive.


Pipeline infrastructure is complete and is transporting our gas in both of our fields. We designed and installed the pipeline with expansion in mind. We also have the ability to transport gas through our lines for other companies to enhance our revenue.


Development Opportunities

Developing properties with 100% working interest is our goal. We have purchased blocks of land with full mineral rights for future development.

By building our land base we can maximize our drilling potential.

By applying proven technologies our team has been successful in identifying locations that have significant potential.



Oil & Gas Processing

Processing of our oil, gas and condensate allows us to control not only our costs but our products. Success transports 80% of our gas through our own pipelines and 100% of our oil is processed at our facility.


A large scale engineering and geological study is underway by consulting engineers/geologists engaged by the Company. To date, these professionals have identified multi-zone potential in many of the Company's well locations.



The Company continues to focus its efforts on growing its production and asset base for the future benefit of its stakeholders. 

 As it has over the past year, the Company, through accretive capital expenditures and disciplined management, will continue to grow its economic future using the following activities:

  1. (i)                  Existing well enhancement and optimization,
  2. (ii)                Well-researched exploration activities; and
  3. (iii)               Strategic acquisitions.









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